1971 Harmony H-68

Harmony's H68 is a full depth, 16.5” wide, electric archtop that was launched in 1968, with a position at the top of Harmony's model lineup. It was offered until 1971, the year this example was built.

Inspired by Gibson' L5CES, the Harmony H68 featured a spruce and maple body with single cut-away, maple neck, floating bridge with intonation adjustable saddles, and bound F-holes. The neck features a long scale of 25-1/4” and the nut measures 1-3/4”. The neck carve has a chunky D profile, similar to other Harmony models from the 60's.

The pickups are DeArmond Gold Foils, and although they look like humbuckers they are in fact standard single-coil gold foil bobbins housed inside wider covers with wooden spacers taking up the extra room. They sound as clear and fat as they are famous for, and the guitar is more bluesy than jazzy as such.

The guitar is in incredible condition and is completely original. There is some binding deterioration that is localized to the heel cap, but no other flaws or damage. Set-up in shop this one plays really nicely.

With hardshell case