2007 Fender EVH Frankenstein Replica

Possibly the single most iconic electric guitar in the world is Eddie Van Halen's "Frankenstein' partscaster. With its red over black and white striped body, hodge-podge of unique components, Floyd Rose trem, reflectors and quarter, there's nothing anything like EVH's original home-made Frankenstrat. Van Halen forever changed the definition of guitar playing, and his 1978 album "Van Halen' changed the sound of rock music forever.

Eddie Van Halen partnered with Fender's Custom Shop in 2007 to create a very limited number of exactingly-made replicas of his one-of-a-kind guitar. Perhaps exactingly-made is a gross understatement. These instruments are identical to the original Frankenstein down to the smallest detail of wear and the dirt on the just-for-show switch that's mounted in the middle pickup cavity. We've never seen anything like it, and can't ever begin to image the work that went into creating this guitar.

This example is pre-owned but in factory new condition, and comes complete with its unopened and still-shrink-wrapped case-candy box, which includes Certificate of Authenticity and gloss 8X10 personally signed by Van Halen. The original Flight Case is a perfect replica of Van Halen's touring case, complete with the EVH logo stencilled on.

This is the definition of a collectible guitar.