1959 Kay K4144 Sizzler

In nearly 20 years of hunting down the weird and wonderful catalogue-brand guitars, we've never seen another Kay K4144 Sizzler. You never know when something beyond cool is going to come through the door, which makes this job kinda fun. This week's surprise was this two-pickup 1959 Sizzler. Its name might have been inspired by the atomic splatter paint and pickguard, and it somehow fits. It's everything late 1950's in a guitar, short of fins. Lots of chrome, space-age design and sharp angles, and that "Plextone' lunchbox finish is about as unique as we've yet seen.

Set-neck solid-body with V-notch cutaway, maple fingerboard, and Kay sticker headstock logo. Single-ply white pickguard with all electronics mounted to it. Two single-coil wide/fat pickups that have a DeArmond kind of sound and output, adjustable maple bridge and chromed tailpiece.

String ground added, frets dressed, and full set-up care of our repair shop. Short scale neck, 1-11/16” nut.

In excellent condition, 100% original, and largely unworn.

With original case, in matching excellent condition.