2017 Ian Pattison Whyte Laydie Walnut

$2149 CAD ($1762.18 USD)
Ian Pattison's Whyte Laydie features an 11” walnut rim with figured maple cap, Whyte Laydie tone-ring, 18 brackets and nickel hardware, Kershner tailpiece, fiberskyn head, and fully compensated bridge. The neck is three-piece-laminated walnut and mahogany with a flat rosewood fingerboard, 26.4” scale, maple duck inlays, and 5 fret thumb scoop for comfortable frailling. Gotoh tuners, ebony 1-3/16” nut, and hand-rubbed satin oil varnished finish.

Pattison's workmanship and finishing touches are very well executed. Fretwork is excellent and his understated appointments and detail are classy and refined.