c.1925 Weissenborn Style 1

No serial #. A completely original and unmodified mid-20's Weissenborn Style 1. It's rare to encounter these lightly constructed instruments in such fine condition - without and cracks or repairs - but we're certainly happy when we do! The hollow-necked guitar is in remarkably fine condition: its top isn't badly bellied or bowed, the bridge has never been off, the braces never loose or repaired, tuners never off, and nut never out. It's a good one, folks. The guitar's only flaws are a trio of small screw holes on the top -- remnants of a pickguard that once graced the instrument. They have been filled cleanly and without any finish touchup.

Unbound Solid Koa body, fingerboard, and bridge; original bridge pins, nut, and metal saddle, original tuners. Crack-free, with very little playwear. Original finish is beautiful and shows little wear. Small spots of casewear on the upper bouts are the only real worn areas. Visible through the sound hole is the H.Weissenborn, Los Angeles stamp along with "Henry Stadlmair Co. Inc, New York, Sole Eastern Distributors" stamp commonly found in Weissenborns from this side of the continent.

The guitar sounds heavenly, as you might imagine. It's hugely resonant and open, undampened and has a gorgeous sustain.

With original canvas rear-opening case.