c.1925 Weissenborn Style 3

No serial number. Hermann Weissenborn built the majority of his hollow-necked Hawaiian steel guitars during the 1920's, in a time where all things Hawaiian were the rage. His instruments are unlike anything imaginable to someone who's not experienced one first hand, and their tone is the stuff of legend for any vintage flat-top player. Weissenborns are generally featherweight and hugely resonant, loud and complex, and can have the expressivity of a piano with its sustain pedal engaged. These are remarkably fine sounding guitars.

This Style 3 is an exceptionally fine specimen of Weissenborn's second fanciest guitar. The vast majority of Weissenborns have suffered cracks, and lose braces, and show tops with pronounced deflection and have numerous repairs; but, not so with this particular instrument. You'll wont find a crack anywhere on the guitar, there are no lose or repaired braces, and no top bellying or bridge issues -- it's in perfect, original, and unrepaired condition. Replaced tuning machines (Tony Francis distressed German-made Rubners) and pins are the guitar's only modifications, and the instrument plays perfectly.

Moderately figured Hawaiian construction, fully hollow body, X bracing, rope-bound top and fingerboard and rosette, unbound back, pearl fingerboard inlays, and gloss finish.

With original hardboard case.