1957 Martin 0-15

Serial #155270. A very attractive all-mahogany 0-15 in excellent condition. Crack free and completely original but for a new bone saddle, the guitar is a particularly fine example of this model. The instrument has clearly not been used much, and was brought to us strung with nylon strings. The neck hasn't been reset, and the guitar's bridge and saddle are at full height -- a rare treat for a 50+ year old Martin! Original frets show very little wear, and the guitar plays perfectly with thanks to a fresh set-up in our shop.

A few back brace ends were cleanly reglued in our shop, and the side-to-top and side-to-back seams were glued in a few spots. A very light French-polish touch-up was applied to the seams by us as well, but is hard to detect without black-light. It's quite invisible and sensitively applied. Bridge cleanly reglued with hide glue.

Classic late 50's small neck feel, with a smallish nut width (1-21/32"), mostly round carve, and 24.9" scale.

The guitar is accompanied by its original chipboard case and an original 1957 Martin String pricelist.