1932 Gibson L-00

FON 321. An early elevated fingerboard L-00. Black finished spruce and mahogany body, bound top and unbound back, 14 fret neck. A very lightweight guitar with the resonance these are famous for. Neck reset and refret by Gruhn Guitars, new repro saddle and set up by our shop. No top cracks, one repaired side crack (treble side, waist), three short tight back cracks, all repaired. The finish has scratches, dents and dings strewn throughout, a small spot of touch-up on the top's lower bout, and another on the rear of the headstock, immediately below the bass-side tuners. It's a great looking guitar, with just the right amount of character. The tuners are mid-1940's Klusons, and not original to the guitar; as are the 1950's bridgepins. Full height bridge, low saddle, easy action of 5-7 64ths. No top distortion, healthy top arch, no internal repairs, original bridge plate is in good condition. Rounded V neck carve with defined "hull line," 1-3/4" nut 24.75" scale. A strong guitar with good punctuation and life. Equally at home under flatpick or fingers. And it looks so good! With an original chipboard case