1963 Gibson J-200

Serial # 62641. If you're into vintage guitars, but don't like anything that looks old, we have found your guitar! Here is a MINT condition 1963 J-200. We never say that M-word unless we mean it, and we really mean it this time. A finer almost fifty year old guitar you simply will not find. The finish is impeccable and virtually new, no parts have ever been changed, no repairs have been made (other than set-up work in our shop -- it had never been adjusted); and the frets are unworn. A strap-button on the heel of the neck and a slightly bent G string tuner knob are this guitar's only issues, and a minor scratch near the endpin and tiny ding on the corner of the headstock rear are the guitar's only deviation from newness. It's that perfect. If you choose to be the first person to put any wear on this guitar, you'll be rewarded with an excellent sounding guitar. Bass a plenty, and that perfect warm and strummy J-200 sound. Long-scale neck, with a round carve and 1-11/16" nut. With original hard shell case