1978 Gibson Les Paul Pro Deluxe

Serial # 72348521. The Pro Deluxe was offered for only a few years in the late 1970's. the model was essentially a Les Paul Deluxe but with P-90 pickups, a single-piece mahogany body with maple cap, ebony fingerboard and Schaller tuners. This first year issue is a sizzling guitar, with fat and bright P-90 tone, tones of sustain, and cherry red finish. It was at one time was fitted with a Bigbsy tailpiece, but has since been set up with replacement bridge and tailpiece. There are still screw holes on the bottom of the guitar. Original wiring is intact and works well, setup and older refret are fine. Replacement truss-rod cover, original tuners, nut, and all plastic. Some belt wear/rash on the back, dings and scratches throughout. 11.3 lb. Great tone and looks. With non-original hardshell case