1939 Gibson L-00

FON EG-5802. With its nickel plated Kluson tuners and amber buttons, bound top and back, and firestripe pickguard this L-00 is a dashing guitar. But good looks only go so far, we all want our guitars to sound great too, right? Well then, here's a darn good looking and sounding L-00. And it plays just right, too. It's been neck setted, the first three frets have been replaced, and the saddle is newer, too. Set up is spot on, and the action is not too high and not too low. Original throughout, but for one replaced tuner and the aforementioned frets and saddle. Repaired center-seam/top crack, and a pair of well repaired top cracks adjacent to the fingerboard. The back has one well repaired crack on the lower bass bout, the sides are crack-free. Top arch is perfect, and the braces are all tight and un-repaired. Bridge has been somewhat shaved in height but was nicely contoured. It's a lively guitar, with a very well opened up voice. Bass is present, mids aren't overblown, overpresent or tight, and the trebles are full and powerful. Nice compliment of overtones, but not excessively woody or mushy. A loud guitar with lots of sustain, too. Couple all that with a wide string spacing at the bridge and nut, and you've got yourself a wonderful fingerstyle guitar. V neck feels perfect with a nut width of 1-3/4". With newer hardshell case