1952 Gibson J-45

FON Z2158-23. The consummate post-war J-45. With its small pickguard, great looking playwear, perfect neck profile and thumpy scalloped-braced tone, this guitar has everything going for it. It's a perfect songwriting companion, strummer, and all around guitar. Crack-free but for one at the pickguard's inner edge that was repaired in our shop along with a couple of lose top braces. The fairly extensive playwear south of the pickguard doesn't pose any structural concern and adds lots to the looks of the guitar. The bridge has been shaved in height somewhat and the saddle is low from an older attempt to lower the guitar's action. It currently measures 7/64th's on the treble and 9/64th's on the bass, but still plays fairly easily in the lower part of the fretboard. Currently fitted with newer Kluson repro tuners, the original machines will accompany the guitar and can be reinstalled easily. A lovely guitar. With period Lifton hardshell case