1937 Gibson L-00

FON 1379C-9. The quintessential late 1930's L-00. With its raw and forward response, sweet midrange, and ample headroom, this guitar really sounds and reacts the way we expect an L-00 to. It has that perfect V-carved neck, short-scale, and 1-3/4" nut that us vintage Gibson lovers get excited about. And, it's got just the right amount of patina and one-owner finish wear to appease the mojo gods.

New frets aside, the instrument is 100% original, including bridgepins and full-height saddle. Neck reset and refret by us; bridge and a few back brace ends nicely reglued as well. Two previously glued back cracks were cleated in our shop while the guitar was on the bench. There are no top repairs or issues, and only one minor side crack that was glued many years ago, by the looks of things. Quality repairwork by our shop, with hide glue used exclusively. String action measures 5 to 7 64ths at the 12th fret; buzz-free playability.

This guitar matches the 1934 Catalog description of an L-1, a model that only differed slightly from the L-00. But by 1937, Gibson's catalog makes no mention of the L-1 model. The guitar features the earlier L-1's bound back, white bridge and end pins, and nickel-plated Grover G-100 tuners with white buttons. These tuners and the white pins aren't typical of a late 1930's L-00, so go ahead and call the guitar what you likeā€¦ We'll just call it Great!

With newer hardshell case