1930 Gibson L-2

FON 9630. Gold sparkle L-2 flat-tops built in and around 1930 are prized by just about everyone who's had a chance to play one, but the model is exceedingly rare and has remained elusive to most vintage Gibson enthusiasts. We've had a handful pass through the repairshop over the years, and have been awe-struck with their tone in each case. This is the first L-2 we've offered for sale, and although we'd have preferred it to be an unmodified original guitar, we're still tickled pink about it. The tone is all there, and the guitar feels perfect. It's a remarkable sounding instrument, with great depth and complexity, maturity and warmth. The mids are rounded and prominent, and in balance with the guitar's open, resonant basses and smooth trebles. It has a wonderful 'defined mellowness' that we've only experienced in Gibson L-body flat tops built in '29 through '31.

A local guitar, the headstock rear shows the familiar 'Made in the USA' stamp, and an export sticker is visible through the soundhole. The body's finish has been stripped and lightly refinished, and the neck oversprayed. The guitar was never disassembled, and the bridge and bridge plate are original an intact. There are repaired cracks and a small puncture repair on the sides, no back cracks, and a pair of repaired top cracks by the treble waist. The new tuners were installed by us to replace the oversized Schallers that were on it until recently. Frets, saddle, and all the bindings and purflings are original.

Inside, the guitar looks very good. Apart from a sloppy brace-reglue associated with the top cracks there are no modifications to the braces. The original bridge plate is in perfect condition, too. The guitar plays easily with a fingersytle action. Round neck profile, quite modern in feel, 1-3/4" nut, 24.8" scale length.

The ultimate budget-priced vintage Gibson, thanks to the guitar's structural integrity, excellent playability, and breathtaking tone.

With new hardshell case