1941 Gibson J-35

FON 4659G-2. A lightly built J-35, with double scalloped tone-bars, natural finish, and a big, round neck. Almost 'Banner' in its feel, the guitar's mahogany neck is quite substantial, but still remarkably comfortable. The braces are all quite small and finely scalloped, ensuring the guitar has a very open and breathy voice. These later scallop-braced J-35's bear little tonal resemblance to the early three-bar instruments that tend to have a tighter and more focused sound. Instead, you'll be rewarded with a tone that is as woody as you'd hope for. A beautiful choice for light strumming or flatpicking, songwriting, and melodic playing, this is a guitar with more character than most.

A number of repaired top and back cracks, some spliced, all structurally fine. Original tuners, nut, bridge, pins; replaced frets and saddle. There are drop-fills of finish and localized buffing associated with the spliced cracks, but the guitar's finish is otherwise completely original.

The action and set-up are perfect, and considering that the guitar has never had a neck reset, the full height bridge and saddle are a big bonus.

A wonderful guitar, with an expressive voice and a smoky Scotch feel.

With hardshell case