1944 Gibson LG-2

FON 2937. This guitar must have led a sheltered life. It is in remarkable condition, free from any cracks or significant playwear, and is a top-notch example of Gibson's Banner LG-2 models built during WWII. An all-mahogany guitar, with five-piece truss-rod equipped maple and mahogany neck, and all the typical Banner era features: poplar neck and tail blocks, chunky feeling round neck with a 1-3/4" bone nut, lacquered rosewood bridge, open-geared Kluson tuners, and those famous headstock decals! Of particular interest to Gibson historians is this guitar's Cocobolo fingerboard, which is so indistinguishable from Brazilian rosewood after 65 years that we would likely have missed it had we not opted to refret the guitar! We've never yet encountered a Cocobolo fingerboard on a vintage Gibson, but if there is one, there have got to be more out there.

A beautiful sounding LG-2, the guitar is both warm and bright; open and succinct, with a rumbly and forward midrange. For years we've been eschewing the tonal benefits of Mahogany tops on Gibson acoustics, and the first strum on this Banner clearly illustrates the reason why. The mahogany adds a definition to the notes played, but this definition doesn't come at the cost of the instrument's warmth or character. All the smoky and woody overtones are still there, but the edges are highlighted a bit, if you will.

A crack-free guitar, with original finish in very fine condition. A number of the top's braces have been reglued, as has been the bridge, and most likely the fingerboard. Everything is tight now, and the instrument presents very well. Please examine the provided photos of the bridge and fingerboard to gain a better understanding of the repairs. Refret and setup by our shop, excellent playability with our standard shop action, and some saddle height left for future adjustments. A very fine guitar in every respect.

With newer hardshell case