1916 Gibson A-1

Serial # 32944, FON 3322. The classic pumpkin top A, in excellent condition. By fiddle standards 95 years is quite young, but it's still hard to conceive that this gorgeous mandolin dates from the First World War era. It is free of cracks and significant wear, the top is well arched, the neck angle is fine, and all the original hardware is intact. There is minor finish deterioration adjacent to the nut on the headstock face due to a strap that must have reacted with the shellac in that area. The nut is a vintage reproduction made in our shop, and the original tuning machines were installed backwards when we received the instrument. We've installed the tuners correctly, however there are left-over screw holes and minor impressions on the back of the headstock. Playability is excellent despite moderate fret wear, and the instrument is lively and even-toned. A very fine example. With newer case.