1966 Gibson ES-335TD Burgundy

Serial # 858135. Gibson first began offering Custom Color options to its electric guitars with the Firebird in the early 1960's. By the mid 1960's custom-colored versions of most Gibson electric models became available, and "Sparkling Burgundy" showed up on the scene in 1965. If you're tired of all those cherry 335's from the 1960's, this might tempt your fancy. Completely original and in nice shape, the only faults we were able to find with this guitar are changed strap buttons and evidence of other Kluson-style tuners under the footprints of those currently on the guitar. There is the usual finish crazing, wear to the back of the neck and frets, and some minor dings here and there, but the overall impression is that of a guitar in remarkable condition. Set up nicely, light 7.8 pound weight, and PU resistances of 7.6 (b) and 7.4 (n) kOhms. Round C-profile neck with a 1-9-16" nut, excellent tone. With original hard shell case