1947 Gibson LG-2

FON 699-24 Sixty-five year old guitars do not come any nicer than this early post-war Gibson LG-2. Bar none, this is the cleanest LG-2 we've ever encountered, and one of the finest instruments we've ever offered for sale. It also has the distinction of being among the earliest block-logo Gibsons we've come across, is accompanied by a near-mint condition period Gibson hardshell case and a real cool vintage rope guitar strap.

1947 was the first year of the modern Gibson LG-2, and this guitar sports both features that were introduced that model year which would ultimately separate the post-war from the wartime instruments: The neck has a round full carve, but with its 1-11/16' nut width is notably smaller and more contemporary in feel than those carved a year earlier; and gone is the gold script logo ' replaced with the block logo that has remained in use through to today. The wartime shortages behind them, by 1947 Gibson was again free to build their guitars with the tonewoods and metal parts they used before WWII, and this LG-2 features a body of spruce and mahogany, mahogany neck and blocks, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and high-quality kluson tuners. The scalloped bracing that help define the Banner-era guitars was kept, along with the small bridgeplate and bridge.

The instrument is in nearly perfect condition. No braces have ever become loose, there are no cracks anywhere, the bridge is full thickness, the frets are unworn, the nut has never been off, the bone saddle is original, the tuning machines are unworn and amazingly untarnished, and the finish is in remarkably well preserved condition. The only strikes against the guitar are three spots of capo-wear on the back of the neck (the original culprit of a capo accompanies the guitar), and a few isolated scratches on the top. The neck angle is good, and there is enough saddle left for future adjustments. The guitar has just been set up in our shop, as part of which we replaced the crumbled tuner buttons with Antique Acoustic replicas, and the shrunken bridge pins and endpin with 1940's originals from our stash. We were giddy with excitement when we strung it up.

The guitar has that overtone-rich classic scalloped braced LG-2 sound. The trebles are thick and meaty, and the mids support them beautifully well right up the neck. For a guitar that's clearly not been played much it certainly holds its own in the tone department. Late 1940's Gibson LG-2s are always some of our favorite guitars around here, and this one is no exception to that rule.

A finer LG-2 we can't imagine finding. This guitar's condition is shocking, its playability is excellent, and as a package with its hardshell case and rope strap, is one of the most appealing vintage Gibson guitars we've had the pleasure of offering in some time.

With original hardshell case