1954 Gibson LG-2 ¾

FON X9824-33. Responding to popular demand for a child's size guitar, Gibson introduced the LG-2 ¾ in 1949. The guitar's small and round 12-3/4" wide body was reborn of the pre-war TG-0 and Kalamazoo Sport molds that had been collecting dust for most of preceding decade, and its materials and trimmings were in line with the LG-1 and LG-2 models build at that time. The guitar features a ladder-braced spruce top, mahogany back and sides, white bindings, small rectangular bridge, and shorter 23" tenor guitar scale neck.

This particular Gibson LG-2 ¾ is a crack-free instrument with very little finish wear, and a perfect set up. The neck was reset sometime before arriving at Folkway, and our repair shop crew refretted the guitar and set it up to play easily. There is finish chipping around the bridge from an older reglue, but the guitar is otherwise a clean example. Completely original but for the frets, bridge pins and endpin.

Round neck, 1-9/16" wide at the nut. Action set at 4-6 64ths at the 12th fret.

With original chipboard case