1936 Gibson L-00

The consummate mid 1930's Gibson L-00, this amazing instrument has great projection with classic Gibson articulation and punch in the mid range. Overtones are rich and nicely developed throughout the guitar's entire register, which adds a lovely but subtle dark and smoky side to this otherwise quite powerful and forward L-00. It's a strong ensemble guitar, sure to find its way through the mix in a group setting. Its treble response is nice and bold, and the bases are defined and strong.

This L-00 is completely original and without any repairs or damage. There are no cracks, no repaired or loose braces, and the bridge plate is in great shape. Original frets are level and unworn, the nut has never been off, bridge pins and endpin are original, and the Grover 'Open-book' tuning machines are in perfect shape. Excellent original neck angle, gorgeous firestripe pickguard, and original finish throughout. The top's finish was long ago lightly scratched with ' Carey loves Janet'. It's a cool vestige of this L-00's past.

The neck has a comfortable V carve with rounded shoulders, and a fairly chunky size. The nut measures a hair wider than 1-3/4", string spacing at the bridge is 2-3/8". Action currently set at 5-7 64th with 3/32 of saddle height above the bridge top.

With it's big voice, great action, and near-perfect condition, this 1936 Gibson L-00 will surely be one we will remember down the road.

With hardshell case