1924 Gibson F-4

Serial # 75675, FON 11838. Call it a fluke or call it fate, the mandolins made during Lloyd Loar's tenure at Gibson are the most coveted on the market, and this gorgeous F4 from early 1924 is no exception. Built at the pinnacle of Gibson Mandolin production, this mandolin has the telltale truss rod and adjustable bridge that Loar introduced, is crack free and is among the best sounding oval-hole Gibson mandos we've had through the shop. It's lively, responsive, open and warm.

The mandolin's top-arch is perfect, and the instrument's original Arrowhead tuners, beautifully figured maple back and crimson sunburst finished Red spruce top make it quite a striking instrument. The first 10 frets have been replaced with stainless steel vintage-style wire, it has a newer pearl nut, and the pickguard has two small hole repairs that are barely visible. There is small repaired screwhole on the top, immediately under the tip of the pickguard, and a fingerboard separation in the first position was reglued in the past. Original finish throughout, original bridge, tailpiece, and pickguard.

Set up in our shop, the instrument plays extremely well; 1-1/8' nut and 13-7/8' scale.

With original hard shell case