1964 Gibson B-25

Serial # 222808. The B-25N succeeded the LG-3 in the early 1960's. There really was nothing terribly different about the B-25N and LG-3, apart from the changes typical of all Gibson flat-tops in and around 1963. The pickguard was thickened and no longer made of celluloid, the bolted-on plastic bridge with ceramic adjustable saddle became the norm, bridge plates started being made of thicker maple plywood, and the necks became smaller. Cherry finishes became the norm on the sunburst guitars, and their natural-top sisters saw their back sides finished cherry red.

This particular B-25N has had its bridge and bridge plate upgraded to pre-1960 specs by us a few years ago. It has a Brazilian rosewood bridge with bone drop-in saddle and a solid maple bridge plate. The tuners are modern replacements of the right kind, and the balance of the guitar is original and in quite excellent shape. It plays beautifully, with action of 4-6 64ths at the 12th fret,and a fast feeling neck with a nut width of 1-11/16". No cracks or repairs, lots of color in the cherry finish, and no excessive play-wear.

With original arch-top chipboard case

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