1914 Gibson A-

FON 2329 Serial #21028. A finer A- we've never seen. This one is in breath-taking condition, with a beautiful original finish, very little wear, and an excellent set-up. To consider that this instrument is two years short of its 100th birthday is shocking. Its only modification is a new Randy Wood Loar-era bridge that was installed by our shop, as the original non-adjustable unit was missing. It was unearthed in Montreal where, according to a pair of matching labels affixed to the inside of the instrument and case, and it was purchased new in 1915.

A very open and warm A, it has a depth and rich sonic character not usually heard in 'teens A-style Gibsons. The treble strings are very expressive and woody, the basses are in perfect balance.

A-style body of carved Red Spruce and Birch, bound oval soundhole, coloured wood rosette, ebony fingerboard with dot inlays, thin shellac finish. Original tuners, nut, frets, pickguard, and tailpiece. 1-3/16' nut width, 13-7/8' scale.

With original rear-opening leather case