1954 Gibson ES-295

Serial number #A-18281. A one-owner golden beauty with all of the original hardware! First introduced in 1952 as a hollow bodied counterpart to their then-new Les Paul model, Gibson's ES-295 was a striking, yet short lived, addition to Gibson's Electric Spanish line. The model was discontinued in 1958 but was around at the right time to become the choice of early Rock n' Roll great Scotty Moore.

Brought to us by the fellow who bought it new in 1955, this ES-295 has been loved and well played over its nearly sixty year life. Frets are showing their age, but after a good, long set-up in our shop the guitar plays very well. The instrument is 100% original, but the back of the neck was oversprayed black in the distant past, and the body appears to have had a thin clear overspray applied years ago as well. We were told that the finish-work was done to stop the instrument from staining the player's clothes and left hand green! In any case, the instrument still looks great, and you can rest assured that you won't look or smell like the Statue of Liberty after a sweaty gig with this particular ES-295!

Gold Kluson tuners with original buttons, original nut (never removed), original frets are fairly worn, P-90 pickups with original covers, and 100% original electric circuit, gorgeous original pickguard, gold hardware. Round neck with 1-1/16" carve and 24.75" scale. 16" hollow laminate maple body with Florentine cut-away.

With original Gibson brown/pink hardshell case