2013 Gibson Elliot Easton Tiki Bird Lefty

Gibson's Elliot Easton Tiki Bird is a left-handed 60's style reverse Firebird loaded with '57 Classic humbuckers, Bigsby vibrato tailpiece, and unique extra tone options afforded by four on/off switches mounted to the pickguard.

Mahogany body and neck with neck-through construction, bound rosewood fingerboard, and gold mist finish. Steinberger gearless locking tuners and Vibramate Spoiler for easier and quicker string changes. Standard Gibson 4-knob wiring with added switches that offer coil-cutting for single coil tone, phase control, or Gibson's pure true bypass output.

The guitar is in mint condition and is perfectly set-up. Definitely fun to have left-handed Reverse Firebird in the arsenal. It's a rare treat for any lefty player.

With original hardshell case