1997 Gibson Les Paul R4

This Goldtop Gibson Les Paul R4 is one incredible guitar. If you're into P-90's - like we are around here - there's a good chance you're going to want to give this one a play. It's a 1997 build, fairly early on for an R4, and features a gorgeous top carve and light-back finish. It's built with a one-piece mahogany back, fairly thick neck, and weighs in at 9lbs 3 oz.

This guitar is everything you'd want a P-90 Les Paul to be – resonant, huge, gritty and greasy, and quick out of the gates. Played through a big amp the guitar's warmth and meaty, defined clean side is hard to knock. Driven through a lower-power tweed it snarls into one of the best rock guitars this side of the Michigan border.

A really clean 20+ year old Les Paul, with nicely dressed frets, upgraded MojoAxe compensated aluminum wraparound tailpiece, and a bone nut. The original cheap capacitors have been replaced with Jensen parts for a warmer, jazzier sound when the tone is rolled off. The original bridge is in the case pocket, along with the guitar's original hangtags. The original finish is in great shape and without any significant playwear. Some craze lines in the lacquer are about all we can find to report on.

Set-up here at Folkway, and in perfect working order.

With original hardshell case.