1988 Gibson SG STD Lefty

Here's a cool late 1980's Gibson SG in lefty. It's crazy to imagine that this guitar is already 30 years old and something of a "vintage' guitar itself. 30 years prior to its construction Gibson was shipping the first Sunburst Les Paul Standards. Amazing.

This SG is along the lines of a '62 SG Standard Reissue, although not marketed as such. Apart from the side-mounted jack and a Nashville bridge it's spec'd out like a 62, and it looks great. The neck is fast, but not too thin, and it has a fairly rounded medium-sized feel with a nut of 1-11/16”.

The guitar has been set-up here at Folkway and plays well. Original frets have been dressed recently and the guitar plays cleanly up the neck with low action. There's some playwear to the finish, and dings and dents as to be expected, but the overall vibe is that of an original guitar that's in great shape after 30 years of rock n' roll!

With hardshell case