1972 Gibson ES-355TDSV

Serial # 774009. The ES-355TD, Gibson's most ornate version of the venerable ES-335, introduced alongside that model in 1958, featured a multi-bound top, triple-bound back, multi-bound pickguard and headstock, and bound F-holes and fingerboard. Gold hardware, vibrato tailpiece, ebony fingerboard with pearl block inlays, 5-piece split diamond pearl headstock inlay and pearl Gibson logo.

This early 1970's example features the Stereo pickup wiring and Vari-Tone rotary tone switching. It's a transitional model, and sports a Gibson vibrato tailpiece with lyre coverplate, Gibson embossed pickup covers, and Kluson 'waffle-back' tuners.

The guitar is in beautiful condition, with barely a mark to its walnut finish. The original pickguard disintegrated and has been replaced with a very well made and attractive replacement (there are actually two pickguards with the guitar -- one in tortoise celluloid, and one in black). Original hardware throughout, original wire harness is unmodified and in perfect working order, original nut has never been removed, and the original frets play well. The guitar has an excellent set-up and plays easily and cleanly.

The Stereo wiring allows the player to send the signal from each pickup to different amplifiers via a Y cable. The guitar comes with a stereo-to-mono patchcord which effectively bypasses the stereo functionality and allows both pickup signals through a single line in.

With original hardshell case.