1968 Gibson ES-125

Serial 524785. The deep-bodied ES-125 was Gibson's best selling electric guitar through the mid 1950's, but by the later 1960's production of this model had shrunk to only a few batches per year. By the time this instrument was built the ES-125 featured a chrome-covered P-90 pickup and Tune-o-Matic bridge, along with the pickguard material and control knobs that were typical of the day. Like all late 1960's Gibsons, the neck is skinny, round and fast, frets are low and wide, fingerboard is of Indian rosewood, and the sunburst finish has a subtly red cast to its hue.

A very fine sounding and very economical jazz/blues box, this 125 is a surprise hit amongst our staff. The pickup is warm and fat and has a high output, and the guitar is easy to play. 1-9/16" nut width, 24.9" scale, round neck.

A completely original ES-125 but for the replacement TonePros Kluson tuners and oversized headstock bushings. Original frets play well up the neck but are worn in the first position; the guitar plays well and has been set-up in our shop.

With period alligator chipboard case