1966 Gibson SJ

An amazing guitar, this mid 1960's SJ is as close to mint-condition as you'll find and is just gorgeous. To make it even better, the guitar has a full-size nut width of 1-11/16”. Most Gibsons from 1965 onward have small "pencil' necks, so we were just completely excited to discover that this one feels more like a '62 than a '66.

The Southern Jumbo was given the square-shouldered shape of the Hummingbird and Dove in late 1962. Its distinctive celluloid pickguard, tobacco sunburst finish and classic SJ appointments make it a great-looking 1960's Gibson, while its very light bracing, short scale, and ceramic adjustable bridge give it a deep, warm, and rich voice.

The guitar has no cracks, loose braces, repairs, or other issues. Its finish shows no scratches but for a small mark on the neck behind the nut. The frets are unworn, and there are no changed parts. It short, it's perfect; or nearly. There's a 2 stamped in the back of the headstock – Gibson was liberal with calling a guitar a second back in the 1960's, and did so with almost any cosmetic flaw. Most often these are lost to time, but as this guitar is so perfect, we were able to spot it. There's a little dent filled with stain and finish on the side of the neck. Minor stuff. What's more funny is that the guitar had an old store sticker covering up that 2, quite conveniently, on the back of headstock.

Set-up here at Folkway, the guitar plays as nicely as it looks. Frets are great, neck angle is perfect, and the action feels just right.

With original Gibson chipboard case.