1966 Gibson ES-330TDC

Loaded with a particularly good set of P-90 pickups, factory Bigsby and full-hollow thinline body, this ES-330TDC screams rock'n'roll when you want it to but cleans up gorgeously for layering tasty color into a mix.

This one is a clean, early 1966 model that's seen some high-quality hot-rodding for much improved tone and intonation. The frets have recently been professionally replaced too, making it score high marks in all categories. The setup and neck feel are incredible, and the guitar plays buttery smooth.

Callaham Bigsby replacement front roller and string shaft, TonePros no-wire locking AVR-II bridge, and replacement headstock bushings ensure the best in tuning performance and stability. The wire harness has been removed and replaced with a high-quality pre-wired assembly featuring CTS pots, oil-filled caps (look like Vitamin T) and cloth covered wire. All the original parts are in the case pocket should you want to reinstall them; but given how much better this guitar is than most any other mid 1960's ES-330 you'll play we can't imagine why you'd bother undoing the mods.

Original finish, pickups, plastic, nut, and tuners, no structural repairs, excellent neck angle, and perfect setup. Pickups balance beautifully too, which is something of a rarity on a 330. Good looking Vintage Cherry finish with not much color fade, and the original case is in great shape, too.

Neck measures 1-9/16” at the nut but doesn't feel too small thanks to a fairly full feeling neck carve. All of us here agree that the neck feel is awesome.

With original hardshell case