1964 Gibson J-160E

Serial # 283474, Pots dated early 1964. Although John Lennon acquired his first Gibson electric acoustic in 1962, it was his 1964 J-160E that was used in the recordings and performances throughout the majority of his career and life. The model was built from 1955 through the late 1970's, but thanks to the Beatles (and John Lennon, in particular) those built in 1964 are where it's at. With its ladder-braced plywood top and adjustable bridge, the guitar isn't going to win any awards for its quality acoustic tone, but plugged in it's a whole other ball game. The pickup fitted to the guitar's top between the soundhole and the fingerboard is a P-90, and played through an electric guitar amp the J-160E sounds lush, and fat -- and mostly -- like nothing else out there.

It's a well used guitar, but in very good structural condition, and plays well. The finish is worn off a good part of the neck, and sections of finish have flaked off the headstock face; the body's finish is original and intact, with a good assortment of nicks and scratches. There are a few well repaired back cracks, two cleanly reglued back braces, and a 1" section of replaced fingerboard binding on the treble side of the neck, between the nut and the 1st fret. The nut was made in our shop and is aged to blend in seamlessly. Original tuners (5 are double-line Klusons, one is a single line Kluson, all are original to the guitar), original frets, bridgepins, and endpin. Original pickup, pots, capacitor, and solder; original control knobs.

The neck has a fast feel and full carve, with a 1-11/16" nut and round profile. 24.75" scale, 15 frets to the body. Great looking pearloid trapezoid inlays in the rosewood fingerboard. Set up in shop with nickel-wound 12's and easy action.

With hardshell case .

Shipping into the USA?

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