1963 Gibson Melody Maker D Lefty

Serial # 141489, pots dated 8th week of 1963. An amazingly rare factory left-handed Gibson Melody Maker Double, in gorgeous condition. The guitar appears to be a '62 build, completed in early 1963, as evidenced by the dating of the potentiometers. A completely original vintage lefty Gibson, with no modifications other than an upgrade set of Tone Pros locking bridge-mount studs. The originals are in the case pocket (studs screw into the original threaded inserts without any modification to the guitar).

Original finish is attractively crazed and shows light buckle-wear and a small assortment of dings here and there. Frets are largely unworn and dressed nicely, level, and play cleanly up the neck. Original nut is well adjusted, tuners work well, and the guitar plays very well. 1962 neck carve with a rounded D feel and nut width of 1-11/16. 24.75" scale. Neck angle is perfect, and there is lots of adjustment room in the bridge height. Set-up in-shop with 11-49 strings.

The Melody Maker D features a pair of single-coil pickups, standard Gibson wiring and pickguard-mounted controls. It's a real fun guitar to play thanks to its compact and light-weight build, amazing neck feel, and vintage vibe.

With original chipboard case