1963 Gibson J-50

Serial #108448. A very fine sounding, crack-free, and good looking early 1960's Gibson J-50. A clean guitar, with original finish throughout, original tuners, nut, frets and pickguard.

This one started life with an adjustable saddle, but has since been fitted with a very nicely made drop-in saddle bridge for bettered tone. The bridge plate is a replacement as well. Outside of those changes, the guitar has seen no other modifications or repairs, and is in very lovely condition.

Spruce and mahogany body with white bindings and thin tortoise-celluloid pickguard. Mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, kluson single-line tuners, and original nut. Full width neck with a 1-11/16" nut, low-round carve, and 24.75" scale. Bone saddle, new Antique Acoustic bridge pins.

Original frets show light wear and have recently been lightly dressed. Set-up is easy, with action of 5-6 at the 12th fret, and there is plenty of saddle height available for future adjustments.

Warm, dark, and thumpy 1960's Gibson tone, but with better fundamental strength and clarity than an adjustable bridge version. The guitar is an excellent choice for vocal backup, strumming, and song writing.

With hardshell case