1962 Gibson J-50

A one-owner local guitar, this J-50 hasn't strayed farther than 50 miles from our store's address since its first strum. Its original owner is a careful and meticulous gentleman who took great pride in his guitar and did his best to maintain it well. The guitar's finish is immaculate, with barely a scratch to be found, and there is almost no playwear of any kind. The headstock corners aren't even chipped.

The J-50 has just emerged from our shop with a new 1950's reproduction bridge with drop-in saddle, and a replacement bridge plate. The guitar was kept at full string tension for years with a lifting bridge and an improperly located bridge plate, and there was no salvaging the original parts. We repaired the associated top damage along with a few cracks behind the bridge, as well as the crack caused by shrinkage of the large celluloid pickguard. No other repairs were required, and all braces remain tightly glued. The guitar plays perfectly with modern spec action and a full height saddle.

1962 was the last true year of 1950's specs for Gibson flat-tops. By the end of the year a J-50 would have a two-ring rosette, plastic bridge, thicker pickguard, and a less girthy neck. But this is a very early 1962 model, and is essentially a 1950's guitar with single ring rosette, rosewood bridge, celluloid pickguard, and a full-carve neck with 1-11/16” nut and a medium-depth round profile. The original bridgeplate was 50's sized and made of solid maple, and the replacement is nearly identical. In feel and look, this guitar is much more akin to a 1957 J-50 than a 60's model.

A remarkably good sounding guitar with a lovely mix of thump and clarity, as well as classic 50's Gibson articulation and warmth. It's a perfect songwriting guitar as it is great at vocal backup, strumming and melodic fills. It feels just right in the hand, and it's easy to play, too.

Mahogany and spruce with cream bindings and natural lacquer finish. Original Kluson tuners, original nut, frets and finish, original bridge pins and endpin. 24.75” scale.

With original chipboard case