1961 Gibson Melody Maker Double

Gibson's Melody Maker was introduced in 1959 as a lower-priced option to the Les Paul Junior. It featured the same single-cut body as the Jr. but was thinner and lighter, and had all of its electronics mounted on its pickguard. A year later the double pickup version was released, and just one year after that the Melody Maker's body was redesigned to a double cut-away version. The two-pickup single-cut away version of the Melody Maker is this model's most rare variant, as it was available for just a bit more than a year and built in lower numbers than the less expensive single-pickup versions.

This 1961 Melody Maker D is a completely original example, is in excellent condition, and is well set-up. The neck has a full feeling C carve with 1-11/16” nut and 24.75 scale. Mahogany body with set neck, rosewood fingerboard, and wrap-around aluminum bridge. Two single-coil pickups with standard Gibson 4-knob wiring.

Original frets show little wear, the nut has never been removed, original tuners, and original finish throughout. No changes or repairs, excellent neck angle. 5.75 lbs.

With original case