1961 Gibson Hummingbird

Serial # 27959. Built in the second year of the model's production, this Gibson Hummingbird is easily the nicest of its species that we've ever encountered. It's virtually unplayed and its cherry sunburst finish is completely unfaded -- it's as brilliantly colourful today as it was when it was shipped over 50 years ago. Brought in by the son of the original owner, we couldn't believe our eyes when we opened the case and saw this beauty. It looks as if it's hardly been played, and had to spend a most of its life in its case. Completely original, and with no changed parts, it would be hard to find a nicer Hummingbird.

The guitar has a sweet tone, and very lovely mix of rich bass, woody mids and singing trebles. It's a responsive guitar when played lightly, and compresses nicely under a heavy right-hand attack. With the best of what makes those early 60's adjustable bridge Gibsons famous, this guitar sounds excellent and does it with flair.

In exceptional condition, but for factory repairs to the treble-side of the back. The cracks in that part of the guitar appear to have been repaired prior to the guitar's completion; which was not terribly uncommon for Gibson in that era. The instrument's finish is consistent under black-light, and original to the guitar, and the cracks show original finish over them. 50 years has opened them up in places, but all were cleanly reglued in our shop and everything is tightly together. We've repaired a crack at the pickguard/fingerboard margin as well.

Mahogany back and sides, Sitka spruce top, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and bridge, ceramic adjustable bridge saddle, multi-layered bindings, pearl inlays, original bridgepins, nut, and gold Kluson tuning machines. 25.4" scale and 1-11/16 nut.

With non-original case