1958 Gibson LG-2

The late 1950's saw the Gibson LG-2 slightly modified to be built with a large pickguard and straight bracing. The model is generally otherwise similar to those built in the first half of the 1950's, but those changes had the effect of tightening up the top and tone of the smaller-bodied LG-2. We were quite surprised art first strum on this 1958 model though. It's a fabulous guitar, with a much more wide-open voice, range, and overtone development than we had expected – and much more akin to a pre-'55 scalloped braced LG-2 than one built later.

Beyond that, the guitar is in excellent condition and has no cracks anywhere, and only a few back braces needed their ends reglued. The neck angle is perfect, frets are even and show very little wear, the finish is original, and the nut and tuners have never been off the guitar. We needed to replace the shrunken bridge pins and tuner buttons, but that's it. There's a spot of pickwear between the bridge and pickguard, and the guitar is generally covered in a light patina of dings and scratches typical of a 60 year old acoustic, but it's really quite clean otherwise.

Great rounded neck with 1-11/16” nut, 24.75” scale, 2-1/8” pin spread. Original saddle shows nearly 1/8” of height at the bridge, set up with 12's and an action of 5-6 64ths. Playability is excellent.

With modern hardshell case

Shipping into the USA?

Sending this guitar to a US address is easy to do. We take care of everything – all you have to do unpackage the instrument when it arrives and play! Questions? Email us anytime, or call us toll-free at 1-855-772-0424.