1956 Gibson ETG-150

FON V4838-15. The ETG-150 was, essentially, a dressed-up tenor-necked version of Gibson's popular ES-125 electric archtop, and was built in smallish numbers throughout the 1940's through 1960's. Featuring a 16" full-hollow body and slim tenor neck, this model tends to be popular with jazz and swing players.

The guitar is highly modified, and nicely done. Full refinish with sunburst on all sides; newer Schaller tuning machines, newer pickguard, and gold-plated original tailpiece and pickguard mounting hardware. The bridge has been swapped out for a piezo-equipped mandolin bridge with an endpin-jack output, which offers a second tonal option to the guitar. The original P90 is standard-wired with its output jack in the usual place on the lower side. Frets are replaced, and in fine condition.

The guitar plays very easily and quickly. It's set-up to standard tenor tuning (CGDA), and features a 23" scale neck with a 1-1/4" nutwidth.

With newer Gibson deluxe brown/pink hardshell case