1954 Gibson ES-125

Gibson's ES-125 is a perfect choice for blues and rockabilly players thanks to its neck-position hot P-90 pickup and full-depth 16” hollow-body construction. Lots of jazz players who want a bit more vintage growl to their tone gravitate to these guitars as well, thanks to their similarity to the more expensive ES-175. A real fun guitar to play, and surprisingly versatile, insofar as you don't mind a bit of feedback when the volume's been turned up.

This guitar looks beautiful, with a lovely patina to its original finish, and not much playwear. The pickguard is an aged tortoise reproduction we just made here for the guitar, and the barrel knobs are new. The guitar's electronics, frets, nut, bridge, and tailpiece are all original. The top braces have been reglued in a few spots. Playability is excellent, tone is heavenly, and the neck feel is pretty much to die for.

With non original hardshell case