1953 Gibson L-50

FON Y4605-1. A tremendously appealing, carved-top L-50 from the height of the model's popularity. Featuring trapezoid fingerboard inlays, bevelled 5-ply pickguard, a gorgeous sunburst finish, and classic mid-50's headstock and tuners, this L-50 has got everything going on in the style department. It's a particularly fine sounding L-50 to boot, which has got us even more excited. L-50's are not all created equal -- being Gibson's least expensive archtop, not a lot of time was given to the top's carving (and some had pressed tops!), so there is a good amount of tonal variation from one to the next. But it was a good day at the factory when this L-50 was built, and it's a whole lot of jazzy fun to play.

Completely original except for a set of Antique Acoustic replacement buttons that we've installed on the original tuners. The guitar is in great shape but has been well used, and there are scratches, dings, dents, and playwear on the finish; but no cracks or repairs. Original frets play well despite some wear, and the set-up, done by us, is easy and fast with .013s. The guitar's neck is classic 50's in shape, with a smooth and worn-in feel, 1-11/16" at the nut, and 24.75" scale.

With original chipboard case