1952 Gibson J-50

FON Z213?-13. With their chunky round necks, slope-shouldered bodies, little pickguards, scalloped bracing, and warm thumpy voices, the early 1950's J-45s and J-50s are always crowd favorites around Folkway. This example is a crack-free guitar with excellent playability, great looks, and classic tone. A songwriting dream, and perfect for vocal back-up, we imagine that there are a lot of new tunes waiting to come out of this 60+ year old Gibson.

The guitar has a replacement oversized rosewood bridgeplate, 1960's Kluson tuners, and 4 replaced frets. We suspect that the top was professionally refinished many years back, but we're not 100% sure. The top finish is clearly very old, thin, and has aged to a beautiful patina. If it is a refin, its one that would fool most people. The back, sides, and neck have original worn finish; there's an out-put jack hole on the lower side bout, and the saddle and bridge pins were replaced in our shop. A few cleanly reglued brace ends inside, but the guitar has no other repair needs. Excellent neck angle, lovely set-up, plenty of saddle available for future action adjustments, original nut and full-thickness original Brazilian rosewood bridge.

The guitar comes with a very attractive early 1960's Gibson hardshell case.