1951 Gibson LG-1

Gibson's LG-1 is the ladder-braced sibling of the LG-2. Amazing to think that the LG-1 was a less expensive guitar than an LG-2, given how similar the two models are. It's a little bit quicker to build a ladder-braced guitar than an X-braced one, but really just by a hair. From the outside the only way to distinguish a 1 from a 2 is the latter's back center-strip that's visible through the soundhole.

This early 1950's LG-1 is a beautiful guitar that remains in excellent condition. It has had some braces very cleanly reglued in our shop, and it sports a 50's replica belly bridge made by us as well. There is careful and well-hidden finish touch-up in front of the bridge inside the foot-print of the oversized part we removed. There has been no overspray involved in the repair. It looks great, if we can say so ourselves. We certainly put more love into this repair than we should have, given its price point!

A crack-free and exceptional guitar with original finish and frets, tuners, nut, and pins.

Forward, present, and round ladder-braced voice with a strong mid-range and thick treble response. Basses are balanced and woody, with the quick decay you want in a bluesy ladder-braced guitar. It's fun to play and sounds great.

Rounded early 50's neck carve with 1-11/16” nut. Action of 5-6 64ths at the 12th fret with normal relief and saddle height and 12-54 strings.