1951 Gibson J-45

With its firestripe pickguard and dark sunburst finish this J-45 is near the top of its class in the looks department. Tone is tremendous as well – woody, dark, clear, round, and a touch thumpy. It rumbles when you dig in and pretties up nicely under a lighter touch.

Crack-free and light on repairs, the guitar's original bridge and plate are perfect, braces are all glued well (a handful were recently reglued here), tuners and nut are original, and the buttons and bridge pins are Antique Acoustics replacements. The guitar would be perfect but for some ancient light overspray on the body that's hard to spot, and some case-caused wear on the treble side.

Refretted here at Folkway and set-up with 12's. The action measures 5-7 64ths with plenty of room on its original saddle for adjustment down the road.

With hardshell case