1949 Gibson LG-1

FON 4284-14. A fantastically cool looking LG-1, and a perfect guitar for someone looking for a hip vintage guitar that's got it all going on, but with a 3-digit price tag.

A local guitar, this ladder-braced LG-1 has had its top tastefully over-finished in black, and it looks great. The finish work was done a very long time ago, and has aged really nicely.

The guitar is in good condition overall, and plays well. There is a repaired top crack below the bridge, bass side; and another nicely repaired one at the fingerboard's bass edge. Changed tuners, newer bone nut, and changed bridge pins. Original neck finish, bridge, and pickguard.

1-11/16" nut, round neck carve. Action set at 5-6 64ths at the 12th fret. Classic ladder-braced Gibson tone, with focused midrange, lots of pop, and excellent volume.

With recent hardshell case