1949 Gibson LG-2

FON 4060. One of the best sounding post-war LG-2's we can remember, built in one of the best post-war years. 1949 and 1946 are easily our two favorite years for acoustic Gibsons. We can't tell you why, but there's something about the guitars built in those two years that is extra special.

A gorgeous guitar, with a gently crazed finish and beautiffuly hued sunburst. It's in excellent condition, and after a stay in our repair shop has the playability to match its looks and tone. Perfect neck reset and refret, aged reproduction bone nut and saddle, Henkes and Blazer reproduction tuner buttons on original Kluson machines, original bridge pins, and full height bridge. A few very minor top cracks were repaired by us as well: one on either side of the pickguard, and one by the end of the fingerboard; we also re-repaired the top's slightly open center-seam. Finally, a number of lose braces were cleanly reglued while we were at it. The guitar is now ready for its next 60 years, and structurally perfect. Action currently set at 5 to 7 64ths with full height saddle. Round neck, 1-11/16" nut, 24.75" scale.

Nothing quite does what a scalloped braced LG-2 does, and a good one is a magical thing. The guitar has power aplenty and seemingly infinite headroom, with a near archtop-quick response and round hoppy feel in the note bloom. Single note treble string runs have a fullness that few other flat-tops can match, while the bass end jumps out with a defined looseness that a single-coil Gretsch electric player would really dig. Lots of great overtones, and an excellent ability at offering quality tone under most any attack. An amazingly versatile guitar.

With hardshell case