1948 Gibson J-45

The last of the small-bridge J-45s rolled out of Kalamazoo in 1948 and ushered the end of the pre-war era at Gibson. With its small bridge, the 1947-48 J-45 was most like a 1941-42 J-35, but with the modern teardrop pickguard, Sitka top, wide X bracing, and scalloped braces giving the instrument its characteristic Gibson midrange and balance, big voice, and power.

This beautiful example has survived the years with little more than some playwear to report on. There are no cracks, and only a couple of cleanly reglued braces; the bridge plate is in great shape, and the neck has not been reset. About two years ago Folkway's Mark Stutman replaced the frets, nut and saddle. The guitar plays beautifully, with its action set at 5 to 6 64ths.

An excellent flat-picking J-45, this guitar has a strong fundamental and excellent clarity. It's not a muddy or thumpy guitar but rather a transparent, rounded, and very present instrument.

Rounded neck with 1-11/16” nut, and 24.75” scale. Original tuning machines, original finish throughout, and original bridge pins. Back and side finish is largely unworn, the top shows strum-wear above the soundhole and between the pickguard and bridge, the latter has been carefully sealed up with brushed lacquer. The neck shows worn finish in the first position.

With original Gibson hardshell case

Click HERE for our hi-def video feature of this J-45.

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