1948 Gibson J-45

An amazingly clean and original late 1940's small-bridge J-45 that's got everything going on – from its transparent, bold, and focused tone to an amazing neck carve that's nice and round with a really comfortably rolled fingerboard edge. Frets, tuners, nut, and bridge are all original; the original finish is in fabulous shape, top radius and arch are perfect, and the guitar is very light on repairs – just a few really cleanly reglued back brace ends and a well-executed neck reset. Original glue under the bridge, original bridgeplate under the hood. If you're looking for a super-clean J-45 that sounds heavenly, here's a great candidate.

Original frets are nicely dressed, show little wear, and play cleanly. Full thickness bridge and full height saddle. Action of 5-6 64ths.

With hardshell case