1947 Gibson LG-2

A simply incredible LG-2, this fabulously clean guitar has everything going for it. From its exceptional tone to its rare and unique firestripe pickguard, this one would be hard to stack up next to.

Gibson abandoned its use of firestripe pickguard material most likely in late 1942, but did use it again for a very short while in 1951. Almost all of the post-war guitars with firestripe pickguards can be dated by their FONs to 1951. However, every now and then we encounter a guitar with this pickguard material that is without visible FON on the neck block, and shows features much more typical of 1947. This LG-2 is one of these. The guitar's light build and lack of FON, lacquered bridge, early post-war tuners and logo location, tapered headstock, neck shape, and unique sunburst color tone all point to 1947 production.

One of the best sounding LG-2s we can remember, this guitar has all the mid-range punch the model is famous for, but is far less compressed and much more open and warm across the strings, and responsive in the low end than most of the LG-2s we encounter. We've spent a lot of time measuring and examining LG-2s over the years, and have found this guitar to have a slightly thinner top and bridge plate than the average – which explains its good tone. The fact that it's without any significant repairs certainly helps in the tone department.

The guitar has survived the years unusually well. There are no loose or reglued braces, the bridge and bridge plate have never been modified or reglued, the finish is original throughout, and the frets, nut and tuners are original and untouched. The guitar's only cracks are tiny, invisible, and cleanly repaired by us; following along the fingerboard's extension for part of its length. There are no other cracks or issues to be found.

Excellent neck angle and action with saddle available for further adjustments, frets are unworn, nut has never been out, finish wear is almost non-existent, and the tuners are still shiny. Made in USA export stamp on the back side of the headstock.

Spruce and mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Deep and round neck that feels bigger than it measures. 1-11/16” nut width, 24.75” scale, 2-1/8” string spread at the bridge.

With original chipboard case.